Remote On Body Recording (rOBR)

Tutorial Video: Remote On Body Recording (rOBR)

From MVN 2019.1 and up, a new feature is added called Remote On Body Recording (ROBR). This feature makes it possible to set up and activate multiple Bodypacks for On Body Recording through a wireless connection. It also timesyncs the data between all the selected Bodypacks. MVN 2020 bring Gui and feature improvements.


Setup Remote OBR

You can find the Remote OBR feature in MVN under OBR > Remote OBR. This will bring up the Bodypack Configuration window (see image below)


You can add bodypacks by connecting them to your wireless connection (e.g. access point).

In the Bodypack Configuration window (left) you have the following information:

  • Selection and Status of Bodypack
  • Bodypack ID
  • Bodypack Name
  • Recording state
  • Remaining battery life
  • Connection power
  • Recording time left (HH:MM:SS)
  • The sync status of the connection

Selecting a Bodypack in the Bodypack Configuration window (image below, A) will bring up the System Configuration window (image below, B).

The On/Off toggle button should automatically be set to On (this enables Remote OBR functionality).


With the Bodypacks Configuration window open you can now input your actors body dimensions (Body Dimensions tab) as well as selecting to have Gnss data (Data tab) used in the on body recording. 


Once all Bodypacks are set up properly, you can start the OBR session by pressing the Start Recording button.

The recording will start after the set Recording Delay. To ensure the time synchronization between Bodypacks, it is important set the Recording Delay higher than 0 s.


  • The calibration process is the same as in regular OBR (except that the recording is started wirelessly).
  • The import files process is the same as regular OBR.


You can stop the OBR session by pressing the Stop Recording button. Afterwards, you can access and use the data the same way as in regular OBR. 

To disable the Remote OBR functionality, you can press the On/Off toggle button to Off.


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