Introduction to MVN Interface

MVN Interface Breakdown

Below is the standard Interface you will be faced with upon starting MVN. It has been colorized to help distinguish the various windows/ toolbars and there functions.


Highlighted Region Run Down

A) Log Window

B) Timeline

C) Hardware Setup

D) Navigator

E) Menu Bar

F) Playback and Processing Bar

G) Viewport Options

H) Grid

I) Origin Point

Playback and Processing Bar

Located on this bar are the tools most important for recording, playing back and processing your Motion Capture sessions. From this bar you will also first setup your Motion Capture settings and also set any streams for live functionality. 


1) Open a new Motion Capture Session

2) Load and Save Recordings

3) Undo and Redo

4) Reprocessing Options

5) Network Stream Options

6) Playback Speed

7) Play Controls

8) Record

9) Set Marker 

10) Data Analysis Tools

11) Full-screen

Menu Bar

File) Load and Saving Recordings and access to Export and Motion Capture Scene Setup

Edit) Calibration Options and Selection Tools

Tasks) Character Re-Orientation Tools, Body Dimensions and Reprocessing

Playback) Playback Controls for Recordings

View) Toggle Windows

Options) Access to Preferences and Setup Windows

OBR) On Body Recording Settings

Window) Viewport Layout and Switching between Open Recordings

Help) Access to Tutorials and Online Support

Viewport Options


1) Focus on Selected Segments

2) Visibility Toggles for Grid, Origin and Shadows

3) Show Center of Mass

4) Show Motion Trails

5) Show Actor Label

6) Viewport Window Setup 

7) Show Graphs

8) Show Contact Editing Bar

9) Save Viewport Layout and Open Layout

10) Horizontal or Vertical Viewport Layout


For Further Information on getting started with MVN follow our online tutorials 

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