Save and Load Calibration During a Live Session

Saving and Loading Calibrations

In the event of an MVN crash or there is a need to switch computers during a live recording or streaming session you may not have time to run through a full calibration.

A quick way to get back to work in these circumstances is saving and loading your initial calibration. This is a method that will work well so long as your actor has not removed or adjusted the sensor placements. 

First Perform a Normal Calibration and Apply it. 

Link Calibration

Awinda Calibration

Once this Calibration has been applied and your happy to proceed to Recording/ Streaming look at the Hardware Setup Window. There will be Load and Save buttons as seen in the image below. Click save to preserve the calibration you just performed.


In the event of needing to restart MVN just wait till your suit has reconnected and you are back in scene view, ensure your actor assumes the N-Pose then just click Load to reapply the calibration.


Moving the Calibration File to another Pc

The Calibration File thats saved during a live session is located in the AppData Folder for Xsens.

To access the folder this file is located follow the steps below. 

First in your Windows Search bar type %AppData% and click to search.


Once in the AppData folder go to Local/Xsens/XsensMVN to locate the .mvn calibration file. 


Finally follow the same steps on the second system and paste the .mvn file into the same folder there. 


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