Choosing the optimal WiFi channel for the Link System

Some environments can be exposed to numerous sources of WiFi signals, which can lead to interference with the normal functioning of the Xsens Link System. In order to prevent that, it is recommended switching to a channel free from other WiFi sources, but how do we choose it?

Wifi Analyzer tools
There are numerous apps and programs able to scan WiFi frequencies around your device and display how crowded the frequencies around 2.4 and 5 GHz are. For instance, a WiFi analyzer app such as “WiFi Analyzer” can be a useful tool to find the best channel for your recordings. This free app can be run on Microsoft Windows 10 and Android devices.

Wifi Analyzer for Windows

Wifi Analyzer for Android devices.

Scan Wifi channels
After downloading and installing WiFi Analyzer, the program is ready to run. Click “Analyze” (circled as red on the picture below) to display all occupied frequency channels on the environment.


From the picture below, it shows all frequency channels from 1 to 13 are occupied in 2.4GHz. Which means setting the communication frequency in 2.4GHz for MVN LINK system is not optimal.


At the same time, the picture below shows the frequency channels in 5GHz are not busy. There are only 2 frequency channels being occupied, and there are many other channels to choose for MVN Link system.


Frequency channel #64 and #153 are occupied, set up the MVN Link system in 5GHz and avoid using those 2 channels to optimize the signal.

Change Access point settings
Please refer to the link below for changing frequency channels on Asus access point/router:

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