Link is not Detected by MVN - Causes and Fixes

Have you just started setting up your Link for the first time or have you recently started working with your suit again and now have hit a wall with connecting the suit to MVN?

Look to the steps below to diagnose and solve your current detection issues. 


First Determine if the connection between the suit and MVN is the cause

- First, we must find out if this is indeed an issue with the Link connecting to MVN and not another hardware/ software problem

- The Link's Body Pack should be fully booted up and either connected to the router or directly to the pc running MVN via Ethernet cable.

-The light on the Body Pack will indicate whether it is fully booted up and whether it has a connection to the router.

There are four typical light sequences seen when a Body Pack is powered on. Each light communicates a different status the Body Pack is currently in. These can be seen in brief as:-

Slow Blink - Light fades gently off and on

  • Body Pack is Booting up.
  • Body Pack is Powering Down. 

Solid Light - There is no change just a constant light

  • Body Pack has no connection to Access Point
  • Body Pack  is in OBR mode

Strobe Blink - Solid Light Switching off and on quickly in bursts of three

  • Body Pack has lost connection while MVN is running

Fast Blink - Solid light switching on and off

  • Body Pack is connected to the access point

Rapid Blink - Light Blinks Quickly Enough to Almost Appear Solid

  • Body Pack is Recording




01 Double-check both the Body Pack and Router are powered and fully booted up

-To check this, look at the lights on the router and see if the blue lights are on at the 2.4ghz and 5ghz on its front. If these are not lit up it's likely the router is still booting up, this can take up to a few minutes to finish. 


02 Body Pack may be in OBR mode

 -If the suit remains in OBR mode after a previous recording session It will not connect to a new live session setup. Instead, MVN will read 'No Hardware Detected'

-To disable OBR mode (If running 2019.2) open MVN  and connect to the Body Pack via rOBR to switch off OBR mode. Follow the link HERE for details on rOBR. 

-Another way to disable OBR is by accessing the Body Pack setup in the browser. Once the Body Pack is powered and connected via USB to your pc simply open your browser and go to From here scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find the button to switch off OBR mode. 



03 Body Pack is not WPS connected to the router

-When our suits are shipped the Body Pack will connect automatically to the provided router. However, if the router has been factory reset to access its configuration the Body Pack will lose connection. 

-To reconnect the Body Pack simply follow the tutorial provided HERE. This will take you through the process of WPS connecting the Body Pack back with the router.


04 Conflicting IP address preventing Body Pack from successfully connecting

-Reset your router and wait for it to boot up fully (Once the 2.4 and 5ghz lights are lit up on the router). 

-Now power back on your body pack and allow it to connect as normal.



01 Check the Ethernet cable is still connected to the PC

- This most likely cause for this scenario is the disconnection of the access point to the PC which is running MVN.


02 Check the router is still powered and in range of the Body Pack

- It is also possible that the Body Pack has been disconnected from the AP while running an MVN session. To correct this either power back on the router or get the Body Pack back in range of the router. 





01 Windows 10 affecting Bonjour Services (Only Affecting MVN 2019.0 and Below) 

- If your system has been running an install of MVN for some time now its entirely likely a Windows update has affected its ability to connect with a Body Pack.

- This is a common issue that can even occur in systems that have never run MVN before.

- Follow the steps shown HERE to uninstall and reinstall a fresh copy of Bonjour.

- Once you have reinstalled Bonjour check to see if the suit is now detected in MVN


02 Firewalls Blocking the Suits Connection

-If Bonjour is not the issue it is also worth it to test whether your firewalls are preventing the suit from communicating with MVN

- Simply disable your firewalls following instructions HERE and then relaunch MVN

- If MVN now detects the suit it is wise to check the firewall permissions for MVN and Bonjour before turning the firewall back on. 


03 Body Pack still connected to another instance of MVN

-Make sure you have no other instances of MVN running. It is possible the Body Pack is still connected to the other instance preventing it from connecting to a new window of MVN. 

-Once all instances of MVN are fully closed reset theBody Pack by turning it off and on again. Now reconnect to the new session of MVN normally.


04 Body Pack Firmware is out of date so MVN displays No Hardware Detected

-If there is too significant a gap between the hardware firmware version and MVNs software version then it is possible MVN can no longer detect the Link Hardware.

-To prevent this, make sure to keep your hardware up to date each time you update your MVN software. 

-You can find the firmware updater on our downloads page  under the Tools and Firmware tab. 



 Your Link Suits Connection still an issue? Contact support via this Link

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