How to change the Placement ID of a Motion Tracker

Update Motion Tracker location of a Live Recording session

To change the Placement ID of a Motion Tracker, you first need to start up MVN Animate/Analyze.

Open the Configure session window by going to "File -> New Recording Session" (Ctrl + N).

Make sure you leave this window open, otherwise you will not be able to change the ID.


Now open the hardware list to show the connected Motion Trackers.


Right-click on the Motion Tracker from which you want to change the ID and set it to the desired location.


MVN automatically saves the changed Motion Tracker configuration. If the changes are not automatically saved, go to "Tasks ->Reinitialize Suit(s)".

TIP: You can also assign a tracker to a different segment if you drag and drop it to the ID to the Location, or vice versa.

Update Motion Tracker location of recorded files

For more information of updating the Location ID's of Motion Trackers in recoded files, see Swap Trackers.




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