Where to find the serial number on the MTi

Generally, serial numbers can be found on the side of each Xsens MTi.

Here is one such example of a product label, but please note labels may vary across products:


The first code you see on the side of the tracker is the hardware code, which starts with "MTi..." followed by the specific type of hardware version. The second line of code is the serial number (SN: ...).

For MTi 1-series parts, the label does not correspond to the product number nor the serial number. If the part does have a sticker label with a QR code, that represents the batch number. To find the serial number of MTi 1-series or 10- and 100-series OEM parts, you must communicate with the device and request the DeviceID stored in its non-volatile memory. If communication with MT Manager is possible, then the DeviceID can be found in the MT Settings window or the Device list. 

When entering a support request, please always make sure to mention the serial number. This information is used by our support department to align the advice with your hardware type and warranty can be checked in case repairs are needed. 

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