Resetting the Asus access point to router mode


Resetting the Asus

If you would like to gain control of Wifi Channels and 2.4/5Ghz band control, this is an article to give you instructions on how to get there. 

NOTE: You will have to manually reconnect (WPS) the bodypack to the access point.

Please keep in mind that the setup pages might look different depending on the Asus Firmware version.
The principals of the setup however should stay the same.

First, connect the computer to one of the yellow ports on the Asus access point and switch it on.

Once booted, we can set the Asus back to factory mode by pressing and holding the reset button for about 3 seconds.


If done correctly, you will see the power led blink a few times and switch off for the reset process.

Once the reset process completed and you have the Asus connected to the laptop, a web-browser will automatically open and quide you through the setup wizard.
If this does not happen, you can manually browse to, if it asks for a user name and password you can use "admin" for username and "admin" for password.

  1. Make sure you set a new proper username and password so you can easily access the router in the future.


  2. If it asks, set the connection type to "Wireless router mode (Default)".


  3. Now set the connection type to automatic IP, this way if you still want to connect it to the internet you can directly connect it to any other router.

  4. If the router is connected to the internet, it most likely will skip to step 5. If not click "Wireless Settings" to continue.

  5. Now set your prefered SSID, Xsens always uses AP_Bodypack_(last 6 digits from the MAC adress). I would advice to add the _5G for the 5Ghz network to properly divide the two networks.
    Passwords for both can be the same.

  6. Now apply the settings and complete the setup.

Changing channels, the frequency band and WPS functionality

  1. To change control channels on a specific band, you can do so by going to the Wireless setting and changing the channel for the selected band.

  2. To control to which band WPS connects, go to the WPS tab, disable WPS. Now change the Current frequency to the band you would like to use and enable WPS again.

  3. If you want to be able to switch one of the bands off, go to the Professional tab.
    Now select the band you want to switch off and set “Enable Radio” to “No”. Once applied, you will see the LED of the band you disabled, switched off.



Checking firmware

With the Router connected to the internet, it will notify you of the latest firmware when going to the firmware page.


If not connected to the internet, you can download the latest firmware from the Asus website.
Then upload the file to the router.


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