How to check if a soft Access Point is supported?

If you would like to connect the bodypack of the MVN Link system to MVN Animate/Analyze, without the use of the router provided by Xsens, you can use a soft Access Point. This video tutorial shows you how to set up a soft Access Point: setup soft Access Point

It could be that your wireless adapter does not support Hosted Network (WLAN feature). This feature implements the function of a software-based wireless Access Point (AP).

You can determine if your wireless adapter supports Hosted Network in two steps.


1. Find information on your wireless driver.

You can find the information on your wireless adapter by opening the Command Prompt (found in the start screen / Menu by searching for 'CMD'). Once the Command Prompt is opened, type in the following (without quotes): 'netsh wlan show drivers'


2. Determine if your wireless adapter supports AP mode.

After you have entered the above command you should see the output as viewed in the image below. What you want to look for is "Hosted network supported:" which is outlined in the red box. If it says 'Yes', your adapter supports AP mode and you'll be able to use the soft Access Point in MVN. If it says 'No' under "Hosted network supported:", your adapter does not support the soft Access Point mode and will no work with MVN.


In the event your adapter does not support AP mode there are four possible options:


1. Check for driver updates.

You can check for driver updates by either visiting the computer manufacturer's website or the wireless adapter manufacturer's website. After updating your wireless driver check your driver information again.


2. Add a USB dongle to the computer.

In the event updating your wireless driver did not help then you'll need to purchase a USB WiFi dongle that supports WPA2. The majority of USB wireless dongles today support Hosted Network so any one of your choice should be fine. 


3. Use an external battery.

If you don't have a power supply available for powering the router provided with MVN Link system, you may consider using an external battery for the router provided by Xsens. With the use of the router, you will have a further reach with the WiFi signal as well, compared to a soft Access Point.


4. Use On Body Recording

If you want to record trials with the MVN Link system, but don't have the possibility to use a WiFi connection, you can also use the On Body Recording (OBR) mode. More information about enabling/disabling OBR mode can be found here: Enable/Disable OBR mode



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