Reprocess (HD)

A range of scenarios is available in the MVN software, which differ mainly in the interaction with the ground, but may affect the behavior of 3D position and orientation. Some scenarios provide the possibility to run the HD reprocessor (MVN 2018 and up). As opposed to the real-time engine or (automatic) reprocessor of MVN, where the data is processed frame by frame, progressing forward in time, the HD reprocessor adds the feature to process data over a larger time window. In this way, the HD reprocess engine is able to include information from the past, present, and future to get an optimal (and more consistent) estimate of the position and orientation of each segment.

This will raise the data quality by extracting more information from the same data set and modelling for skin artifacts, with the purpose to ensure the best results within the chosen type of environment or movements. Click the reprocess button mceclip0.png (see picture), or go to the Tasks tab and click  "Reprocess" (Quick Button: Ctr + Shift + P).




TIP: if you have multiple files that you'd like to reprocess and export in your preferred format, please go to File > Export > Batch Export and in the Reprocessing option enter "HD Quality". Enable the option "Save MVN file after reprocessing" and you'll use this batch exporter as a "batch (HD) reprocessor" as well.



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