Recalibrations are possible, but not required. The Xsens sensor fusion algorithms for VRU, AHRS and GNSS/INS devices can cope with small calibration errors that arise due to aging of MEMS components. 

One of the sensor characteristics that changes most during a MEMS product's lifetime is the sensor bias. The gyroscopes' turn-on to turn-on bias stability (also known as bias repeatability) is typically up to 0.5 deg/s for the MTi 1-series and up to 0.2 deg/s for the MTi 10/100/600-series. Above these values, the accuracy of the sensor fusion outputs may deteriorate. This is usually not the case for the first 3 years after production. 

If you are in doubt about the calibration of the MTi or if you would like to request a recalibration, please contact Support. Recalibrations outside of warranty will be subject to costs as described in the RMA Terms & Conditions

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