Why is there a delay in the avatar with my MVN Awinda?

A delay between the movements of the avatar in the live preview of MVN and the subject can have different causes.

  • Power saving mode of the USB ports
  • Priority of power allocation to programs being run
  • Wireless crosstalk

Power saving mode of the USB ports

Power saving features may affect the performance of the receiving units of the MVN systems, like the Awinda station/dongle for the MVN Awinda or the Ethernet to USB converter for the Access Point of the MVN Link. It is important to ensure that your computer is always supplying power to its USB ports.

The reason for these steps is simple but convoluted. Windows PC's will try to provide the maximum amount of power at all times to running the Operating System rather than peripheral devices. However, when using your MVN system, if power is not being sent to the USB ports, inertial data cannot be received and recorded in MVN.  Therefore we must change a few settings in Windows to ensure that your recordings run smoothly.

Please perform the following steps:

  • Go the start menu of your computer and right click on Computer to select Manage

  • Under Device Manager, expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers > right click on every "USB Hub" and go to Properties

  • Select the Power Management tab and be sure that "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is unchecked for each.

 After changing the USB power settings, you will also need to adjust the Power Options of your computer. Just like in the previous steps, the Window's OS will try to allow for power saving measures by cutting off power to the USB ports. To disable this:

  • Right click on the Power Options Icon of your computer and select Power Options (This can also be accessed through Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options) 

  • First, make sure you computer is on High Performance when recording.
  • Select Change Plan Settings

  • On the next window select Change Advanced Power Settings

  • This will open the Windows Power Options.  Select USB Settings and make sure that each USB Selective Suspend Setting is disabled (you can double click where it says Disabled or Enabled to change)


Priority of power allocation to programs being run

If you are trying to run multiple different programs on the same computer at one time, Windows will try to allocate the correct amount of power to each.  However, the calculation of required power may not always be correct.  You can therefore directly tell your computer how much power to allocate to Xsens MVN by setting it to a high priority. 

***Please note that this will have to be done every time you open a new session in MVN***

  • Begin by opening the Windows Task Manager, locate Xsens MVN and right click to select Go to Details.

  • Once you are in the Processes Tab with mvn_studio64.exe located, right click on this process, locate Set Priority and select High

Wireless cross talk

The MVN Awinda communicates through our patented Awinda radio protocol to the subject. When there are a lot of wireless wifi/cell phone/radio signals nearby, this could influence the performance of the system.


Tutorial video:


This can be solved by choosing a different radio channel. Which channels are recommended and how to change the radio channel is documented in the MVN User Manual, chapter "MVN Awinda: Changing Radio Channel".

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