MVN Biomech gets disconnected while measuring, what can I do about it?

There can be several reasons for this to happen*. To fix it, please try the options below.

  1. Are the WR-A wireless receivers covered by objects? Please note that the antenna inside the WR-A is vertically oriented. The WR-A receivers should be at least 80cm apart. For best performance we recommended placing the WR-A receivers with a considerable distance from the floor and/or the wall as these objects can limit the wireless range considerably.
  2. Are you using the appropriate Powerex batteries provided by Xsens? Please make sure to use the recharging method "soft charging?. Please refer to the manual for more information
  3. Are all cables still working? Xsens performs a complete check of the system before shipment. However, it is possible that after some time of intensive use, a cable becomes weak in one of the extremities or its middle part. To check if this is the case please put the system on a table, connect it normally and try to pull each cable softly. If this causes a disconnection, please replace that cable with one of the backup cables provided with the system.

*Note: MVN Biomech is the MVN2 generation. This is a wired full body system, characterized by the 2 Xbus Masters on the back of the subject. 

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