What is the minimal velocity for the MTi-7 and MTi-G-700/710 to estimate its yaw?

Since the yaw of the MTi-7 and MTi-G-700/710 are referenced by comparing GNSS acceleration with the on-board accelerometers, more movement (when GNSS is available) will result in a better yaw.

The minimal acceleration and movement for the yaw to be estimated is above 7 m/s.

In general, the more accelerations and movement will result in a better yaw. At lower speeds the yaw might be less accurate and take longer. If the velocity is lower, a good option might be to select the GeneralMag filter profile which also uses the magnetometer to stabilize the yaw.

For more information and reference, please see section "MTi-G-700/710 filter profiles" of the MTi User Manual or, for the MTi-7, the MTi 1-series Datasheet.

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