Legacy Mode in MTi

Legacy Mode in MTi

The Legacy Mode in MTi MkIV (10-series and 100-series, including the MTi-G-700/710) is deprecated as of MT Software Suite 4.5. This Software Suite was released in January 2016.

The Legacy Mode is an output mode in which the data messages (MTDATA) are completely compatible with the MT Software Development Kit 3.3 and before (based on Xsens CMT). The latest release of that software generation was November 2010. Xsens CMT and Software Development Kit 3.3 will be supported up to December 31st, 2016.

The deprecation of the Legacy Mode means that the factory default settings of the MTi will be the Normal Mode, containing MTDATA2 messages, instead of the Legacy Mode. It is still possible to switch to Legacy Mode with the MTi MkIV, though Legacy Mode is no longer supported by later generations. 


From MT Software Suite 4.8, the MT Software Suite will no longer support Legacy Mode. The firmware of the MTi 5th generation will also no longer support Legacy Mode and there is no possibility to downgrade. It is therefore recommended to adapt software code over the course of 2016, if you are still using Legacy Mode or the MTDATA format. 

The Normal Mode and MTDATA2 offer a greater flexibility than Legacy Mode and MTDATA. It contains more output options and most MTDATA messages, except raw data, have replacement messages in MTDATA2.

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