Installing the correct Software Suite for different (generation) products

MTi's and MTw's work best with the MT Software Suite version that is specific for the generation and/or product. 

The MT Software Suite is regularly updated with new features, bug fixes and addition of new hardware products. It is possible that the latest stable release for the MTw is not the same version as the latest stable release for the MTi. The MTi series share the same stable release version. There is no need for a serial key. 

For legacy MTi's (EOL since 31 August 2014, support until 31 December 2016) and legacy MTw's (up to 2015), there is a legacy MT Software Suite available. Note that this Software Suite and the legacy MTi's are no longer supported by Xsens from 31 December 2016. The download will remain available though. A serial key is required for this release and because support has ended, one generic serial key is provided in the table below. 


Product  Product photo Download link for software Comments 
MTi 1/10/100/600-series MTi_1-600-10-100_schuin_boven.jpg  MT Software Suite

 No serial key required.

MTw Awinda    MT Software Suite for Awinda  No serial key required.

Legacy MTi, MTx

(3rd gen)
 MTSDK 3.3

 Serial key: 


Legacy MTw

(up to 2015)

 Serial key: 






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