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Xsens provides programming examples to help customers getting started using our products. The programming examples can be found in the MT Software Suite installation folders, or via the links below.



MTi-1 series

  • As of MT Software Suite version 4.9.1, there are embedded examples available for the MTi 1-series Development Kit that make use of the SPI and I²C interface. The examples can be found in your MT Software Suite installation folder at:

    C:\Program Files\Xsens\MT Software Suite x.x.x\MT SDK\Examples\embedded_examples

    In order to get up and running with these examples we recommend to start by reading the "readme.txt".

  • Additionally, the following article provides guidelines on I²C and SPI communication for the MTi 1-series: Best Practices for I²C and SPI communication

  • An example library for I²C communication using an Arduino was shared by one of our customers and can be found here.


MTi-1, MTi-10 and MTi-100 series

We have examples available in C, C++, C# and Matlab. The examples show how to use our libraries or how to communicate with the device without our libraries.

Find the MT Software Suite installation folder:

C:\Program Files\Xsens\MT Software Suite x.x.x\MT SDK\Examples

Within the Examples folder there are sample projects built on the Xsens Device API (XDA) libraries and DLLs, and low level examples suitable for building in an embedded system that cannot use XDA. The latter example is called “src_cpp”. XDA documentation can be found at:

C:\Program Files\Xsens\MT Software Suite x.x.x\Documentation\MT SDK

Detailed information on all Low-level communication commands can be found in the LLCP manual


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