Selecting Filter Profile


For VRU, AHRS and GNSS/INS MTi devices, different filter profiles can be selected. The filter profiles are important since they determine the behaviour of the orientation output, and all outputs that rely on orientation. Each filter profile is tuned for an application. For more information please see the Filter Profile section of the corresponding MTi User Manual.

Setting a filter profile can be done using one of the following options:

  1. MT Manager
  2. Xsens Device API (XDA)
  3. Low Level Communication

For the difference between XDA Processing and Onboard Processing please see the following article:
The difference between XDA Processing and Onboard Processing


MT Manager

In MT Manager you can select the filter profiles for XDA Processing and Onboard Processing in
Device Settings >> Device Settings

Figure 2: Filter profile settings in MT Manager.


Xsens Device API (XDA)

To set the filter profiles using the XDA you have to use the functions xdaFilterProfile and onboardFilterProfile.

These functions can be found in the Xsens Device API documentation in:

  • Contents >> Classes >> XsDevice >> onboardFilterProfile
  • Contents >> Classes >> XsDevice >> xdaFilterProfile

Figure 3: xdaFilterProfile and onboardFilterProfile function descriptions from the Xsens Device API documentation.


Low Level Communication

With Low Level Communication you can set the filter profiles for Onboard Processing ONLY. This since you are not using the XDA and are communication with the MTi directly.

To set the onboard filter profile you need to use the SetFilterProfile command. This command can be found in the Low Level Communication Protocol Documentation.

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