Device was not in bootloader when expected error

The Firmware Updater updates the firmware of the MTi, by overwriting the old firmware. To do this, the MTi is returned to a state where the bootloader is used to load the firmware. To write the firmware correctly, it is necessary that the entire file is transferred completely. To ensure this, the bootloader of the MTi is fixed to a baud rate of 921600 bps.  

When the USB converter or communication chip between the MTi and the Firmware Updater does not support 921600 bps, the following warning occurs: 

There are two solutions/work-arounds:

1. Use a converter that supports a baud rate of 921600 bps or use the USB connection.

2. Use the mbed example to send the firmware via low-level communication. See for the code and firmware files. 


Note: in the future, the MTi will support other baud rates in the boot loader. This requires a hardware revision change. 



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