Change MVN Viewer Background Color

From MVN 2019.1 and up it is possible to change the background color of the viewing window. This can be helpful to create a chroma green screen to more easily cut out the avater from an .mp4 export. 

Change Background Color
First, close any instances of MVN.
Go to your Windows start menu: mceclip4.png
Search for "registry editor". Open the Registry Editor: mceclip5.png

In the Registry editor, go to the following path by clicking the folder structure on the left, typing or copying it: 

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Xsens\Xsens MVN\View3dSettings

You will get the options as seen below. 


Double click BackgroundColour to open the "Edit String" window.

Insert a color value in the Value data section. 

Colors are noted in color format: RRGGBBAA, using hexadecimal notation. The Default value for the standard Cyan background color is: C3DFE0FF

RR: Red
GG: Green
BB: Blue
AA: Opac

NOTE: in MVN,  AA (opacity) is not used, but makes the value data a standard format. You can use FF as input for opacity. 

Color Example
To get a chroma green color as background, you can use the value data:



Click OK and close the Registry editor. 

You can now open MVN and see the new background color. 


To also remove the floor tiles and axis orgin, press the mceclip8.png at the top of the viewer. 



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