Setting up a Link suit with GNSS

Where to install the Antenna 

The antenna is directional meaning it must face upwards to the sky to receive the best signal quality. As a result of this, the recommended location for placing is the right shoulder of your subject. 


Placing Disposable Patches

For better securing the antenna to your suit, there will be disposable velcro patches provided. The hooks side will be stuck to the antennas underside as seen below. 


Install the disposable loop side of the velcro set on the shoulder where you will be installing your antenna for the recording session. 


Once the patches have been placed you can now fit the antenna to your subject. Feed the antenna cable through the shoulder channel and out the back of the Link suit.  


Fixing the Antenna to the BodyPack 

Once the antenna is securely placed on the chosen shoulder feed the cable through the suits internal pocket to your BodyPack. The antenna will screw into the far right port on the BodyPack. 


For the next steps of setting up a GNSS scenario in MVN follow this Link

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