MVN 2019.2

This article gives an overview of the new features of MVN 2019.2 and where you can find more information on the subject.

Update firmware
Make sure to update the hardware with the latest firmware (see list below). Please use Firmware Updater 4.2.7 to update the firmware. 

System Hardware Firmware
Awinda Awinda Station (AW-A2) v4.4.0
  Dongle (AW-DNG2) v4.4.0
  Motion Tracker (MTw2) v4.4.0
Link Body Pack (BPACK) v1.2.0
  Motion Tracker (MTx2) v1.2.0

How to update the firmware:
- (MVN/MTw) Awinda
- Link

MVN 2019.2 Features

Feature Documentation Tutorial
Remote OBR Remote On Body Recording (rOBR) Remote On Body Recording (rOBR)

Setting up a Link suit with GNSS


Antenna Installation

Setting Up a GNSS Scenario

Excel exporter Exporting data from MVN  
Vehicle Scenario Scenarios in MVN  
Larger recording button Adjust Icon Size  
Customizable viewport background color Change MVN Viewer Background Color  
Ergonomic joint angles Ergonomic joint angles  
Marker list Markers  
Unused segments Hide Unused Sements  

 The release notes for MVN 2019.2 can be found here:

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