Link connection blocked by Windows Defender Firewall

In some circumstances, a Link system may struggle to make a connection with a session of MVN. This is often caused by Windows firewall blocking the connection of the sensors. In these situations, where a Link system is not detected by MVN. The first thing to check is whether the firewalls are the cause.

Follow the steps below in order to test whether this is the case for yourself. 


Disable Windows Defender Firewall 

1.  Go to Windows Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall (or search "Firewall" in the windows search bar and click "Check firewall status")

2. Go to "Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off"


2. In the Customize Settings window, check the "Turn off Windows Defender Firewall" for all three network types. Press OK to save settings. mceclip3.png

3. Restart MVN to see if the issue has been resolved. 


Exception on Network Ports

Alternatively, you can put an exception on specific Network Ports in your firewall. 

The Bodypack uses Bonjour for network service discovery. Bonjour listens on UDP port 5353.

After discovery, the connection is done through two sockets (definition: sockets). The PC will connect to the Bodypack using a TCP socket on port 9226. The PC will then set up a UDP socket on a port in the range 9223-9478 and it will notify the Bodypack to send its Live data to that port.


So to summarize, the connections/ports that a firewall should allow:

Incoming UDP 5353 and 9223-9478

Outgoing TCP 9226


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