Frequently asked questions

1) What is the default power-saving time for DOT?

  • 10 mins in advertising mode (tracker is powered on but not connected to BL device);
  • 30 mins in connection mode (tracker is connected to BL device but not measuring)

The tracker will power off when:

  • the button is pressed for over 3 seconds
  • battery level is lower than 2%

2) How many trackers can be connected to a mobile device?

  • 5 trackers can be connected in Xsens DOT App
  • No connection limit using the SDK

3) What devices are supported?

Minimum requirements for DOT are:

  • BLE 4.2
  • Android 8.0 is supported
  • iOs 10 will follow in the near future 
  • Architecture AEMv8

Best performance is achieved with BLE 5.0. Additionally, check out the release notes for a list of mobile devices already tested by Xsens.

4) What app's does Xsens provide?

Xsens will provide the “Xsens DOT App” downloadable from the asset page.

5) To what extent is DOT affected by magnetic distortions?

The Xsens Kalman filters can compensate for magnetic field distortions for a short period of time (about 20 seconds). MFM can be used to recalibrate the magnetometer in presence of constant and homogenous magnetic fields. Check out BASE and tutorial videos for further information.

6) What’s in included in the Xsens DOT starter kit?

  • 5 Xsens DOT sensors
  • 1 Charge
  • 1 usb cable

7) What is the difference between the different measurement modes (default, inertial, orientation) that can be selected in the app?

Default mode will stream all type of data, both inertial and orientation. The size of the package is 63 bytes. Inertial data mode will only stream inertial data and the package size is 35 bytes. Orientation data mode will only stream orientation data and the package size is 36 bytes. For further details about the data type, check out our user manual.

8) Is the Xsens DOT waterproof?

Xsens DOT is waterproof according to rating IP68.

9) What is the charging and discharging time for Xsens DOT?

Maximum battery life during continuous recording is 5 hours and 30 minutes. Charging time from empty battery to 100% charge takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

10) Can I obtain the raw data from Xsens DOT?

The data that is provided at 60Hz after the Strip Down Integration prior to sensor fusion algorythm processing is accessible. The raw data collected by the Xsens DOT sensor at the internal sampling rate of 800Hz, is not accessible. More information can on data output can be found in the the Xsens DOT user manual.

11) Do I need to perform the MFM again after the firmware update?

No. Magnetic field mapping will not be altered or reset by upgrading the firmware.



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