MVN 2020.0

This article gives an overview of the new features of MVN 2020.0 and where you can find more information on the subject.


Update firmware
Make sure to update the hardware with the latest firmware (see list below). Please use Firmware Updater 4.2.7 to update the firmware. 

System Hardware Firmware
Awinda Awinda Station (AW-A2) v4.4.0
  Dongle (AW-DNG2) v4.4.0
  Motion Tracker (MTw2) v4.4.0
Link Body Pack (BPACK) v1.2.0
  Motion Tracker (MTx2) v1.2.0

How to update the firmware:
- (MVN/MTw) Awinda
- Link

New Logo
MVN will feature a new logo, starting from 2020.0. 

mceclip2.png  >  mceclip1.png


New File type
MVN 2020.0 will feature a new native filetype, related to the Object Tracking. This filetype is: .mvno. More info on different native filetypes can be found here: MVN File Types


System Requirements
The system requirements remain the same, except that Windows 7 is no longer supported from MVN 2020.0 and up. A full overview of the System requirements can be found here: System Requirements MVN


MVN 2020.0 Features

Topic Documentation Tutorial
Set up HTC Vive HTC Setup Guide  
Position Aiding: HTC Vive Position Aiding: HTC Vive  
Object Tracking: HTC Vive Object Tracking: HTC Vive  
Network sync (e.g) Faceware/Dynamixyz Network Sync in MVN Network Sync: Faceware
Network Sync: Dynamixyz
Parallel batch processing Reprocess (HD) > Batch Reprocess  
New Body dimensions (elbow span, wrist span, hand size) Body Dimensions Body Measurements
Soft AP Setup PC as a Soft Access Point  
Remote on Body Recording GUI changes Remote On Body Recording  
Korean and Japanese language support (also Chinese) Changing the Language in MVN  
Matlab script update

MATLAB Script to read MVNX files

MVNX-4 File structure



Release Notes
The release notes for MVN 2020.0 can be found here:


Known issues
If the MVN interface is scaled incorrectly: Intel Driver Issue

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