Setup PC as a Soft Access Point

In some cases, you may wish to use your laptop or pc as an access point instead of using a wireless router. This is beneficial in reducing the amount of hardware needed for live motion capture recording. 

When using a soft access point, to get the most stable connection, avoid having your PC connected to any other wireless network during your recording session.


Check if your PC supports Soft AP

To check if your PC supports the use of a Soft AP, please refer to this article: How to check if a Soft Access Point is supported


Steps to setup a Soft AP

1. Power on your Body Pack and connect it to the PC running MVN via Micro USB cable.


2. Open the Access Point config window found under Options>Soft Access Point


3. Now in the Soft AP Window click ''Enable the soft access point'' to start broadcasting the network


4. With the Body Pack connected click Configure MVN Link to open the connect Body Pack configuration page.


5. In the Body Pack configuration, located under Wireless LAN Settings first click scan for networks and select your access point from the drop-down list. 


6. Now enter the Network Name and Network passphrase setup in MVNs Access Point options.


You can now use your PC as a Soft AP for live MVN sessions!


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