Xsens DOT Power Saving Mode

Xsens DOT features up to 6 hours of continuous data measurement. However, it is possible to extend battery duration even further by putting the sensor in power-saving mode when not in use. This will drastically preserve battery life and will ensure maximum measurement time for the device. 

Time parameters for entering power-saving mode are fully adjustable in both SDK and Xsens DOT app. This means that time thresholds to enter power saving mode can be fully edited in order to suit the needs of each specific application.

By default, Xsens DOT will enter power saving mode if one of the following conditions are met:

  • Sensor is not connected to any device (Advertisement mode) and no motion is detected for 10 mins
  • Sensor is connected to a device and no motion is detected for 30 mins


Xsens DOT state transition diagram


Xsens DOT will exit the power saving mode as soon as acceleration is detected, or the button is pressed. A simple shake of the sensor will do. The sensor will automatically go to advertisement mode after exiting the power-saving mode

Additionally, the device will power off automatically when battery charge drops below 2% in order to protect battery integrity.


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