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A new release for Xsens DOT is planned for mid-August, including the following features:

  • Synchronization: This feature enables time-synchronized data collection from multiples DOT sensors. Synchronization is accurate to ~1ppm for 30 min and up to <4ppm for 1 hour in real-time streaming and recording mode.
  • Recording: Xsens DOT sensor has internal memory for recording sessions and you can export your recording data to the main device that you use later (mobile device via Xsens DOT app, PC, etc.).
  • Xsens DOT Server: A simple web server that will enable the use of Xsens DOT on any platform. You can find the open-source code on GitHub:
  • Additional real-time streaming modes: additional combination of data will be available in Xsens DOT App (both Android and iOS)
    • Extended (Euler) : Timestamp – Euler (degree) – Free acceleration – Status
    • Custom mode 1: Euler – Free acceleration – Angular velocity
    • Custom mode 2: Euler – Free acceleration – Magnetic field
    • Custom mode 3: Quaternion – Angular velocity
  • iOS support full feature set: Xsens DOT App iOS version will introduce all features and streaming modes present in the Android version.
  • Heading reset optimization: Optimization in the heading reset function in Xsens DOT App
  • Adjustable power saving time: power saving time can be adjustable in Xsens DOT App
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