Xsens DOT Data Exporter

You can export the recording files stored on the internal memory of Xsens DOT quickly and easily to PC with Xsens DOT Data Exporter. 

  1. Download Xsens DOT Data Exporter for Windows or Mac.
  2. Extract the zipped folder and Run "Xsens DOT Data Exporter.exe"
  3. Connect Xsens DOT to PC via USB
  4. Open your browser and visit http://localhost:8181


Note that Xsens DOT Charger is not designed for USB data transmission. Use direct USB cable connection to connect Xsens DOT to PC.

Use “Scan All Ports” to scan all the sensors connected with USB cables. Note that the data export can only work with firmware 1.4.0. Previous firmware versions cannot be recognized.

You can select the recording file by clicking the “1 File Selected >” text.


Configure the export data quantities by clicking the cog icon.


Click the export button to export the data and the recording files will be stored in your PC.


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