Sampling rate vs Output rate

Xsens DOT Sampling Rate

Xsens DOT internal sampling rate is 800Hz, meaning that its sensing elements, mainly accelerometer and gyroscope, sample data each 1/800s (different case for the magnetometer, not topic of this article). The strapdown integration (SDI) algorithm receives the high-rate sensor input (of 800Hz) and processes it into a lower-rate signal at 60 Hz. The main advantage of using the SDI algorithm is that the accuracy is maintained, and information is preserved to ensure precise orientation tracking. For additional information on Xsens SDI algorithm, check out our MTw whitepaper. This large amount of data is constantly fed into the Xsens XKF-Core for additional processing. As a result, its output is constant and equal to 60Hz for each data output and cannot be changed. This yields data packets being output every 1/60s or 16.666667ms. Different values from this might indicate that data loss has occurred during your measurement.

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