EMG Integration in MVN - Cometa

Starting with the MVN 2020.2 version, Xsens has fully integrated the Cometa EMG system into the MVN software. With MVN 2020.2 and above, it is now possible to:

  • Connect multiple EMG sensors to the MVN software. 
  • Record EMG and motion capture data simultaneously while running only the MVN software. 
  • Visualize real-time EMG and kinematic data simultaneously.
  • Save and export all EMG and kinematic data in a single file. 

This article explains how to integrate the Cometa EMG system into the Xsens software. It is important to note that this article will only focus on the utilization of the Cometa sytem with respect to Xsens software and hardware. If there are more specific questions related to the Cometa software itself, please look into the Cometa support platforms:


Hardware set-up

  • Set up the EMG sensors according to the instructions in the Cometa user's manual. 
    1. The number of the sensors corresponds to the channel in which they communicate with the station. This is the same order in which the sensors will be listed in the MVN software. 
    2. The Cometa EMG sensors are immediately turned on once they are removed from the charger.  
    3. Place the sensors on the body as recommended in the Cometa user's manual.
    4. Connect the Cometa receiving station to a USB port on the computer.

Note: The integration of EMG sensors with the MVN software is also possible with the Xsens Link system. The only disadvantage is that the Link system is typically used with a lycra suit with does not allow the placement of the EMG sensor. To use the Link system with the EMG sensors, it is recommend to use the T-shirt and strap set for the Link system isntead of a lycra suit. 


Software set-up

For the Cometa receiving station to be detected by the MVN software, it is necessary to install the correct drivers on the computer. These drivers can be found in the USB flash drive that comes with the Cometa system. 


Note: It is only required to install these drivers once on one computer. Once installed, the USB flash drive is no longer necessary.

Before the Cometa system can be used with the MVN software, the Cometa plugin will need to be enabled.

1 - Go to "Options"->"Cometa EMG"


2 - Check the box "Enable plugin"


3 - Here there are multiple options to choose for the plugin:

  • Number of sensors: Select the number of Cometa sensors you have connected. This cannot be automatically detected for the Cometa System.
  • Use hardware trigger: This box can be checked in case the hardware trigger wants to be used instead of the software trigger. The hardware trigger is faster than the software trigger for reducing the delay between both systems. 

Set up the EMG sensors in the MVN software

To continue setting up the EMG sensors in the MVN software please follow the instructions in the article below:

EMG Integration in MVN:

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