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New release: MTi 1-series v2 & MT Software Suite v4.9.1 beta

In July 2018, Xsens has released the MTi 1-series Hardware version 2.0 along with MT Software Suite 4.9.1 Beta

MTi 1-series v2

The latest hardware upgrade for the MTi 1-series, hardware version 2.0, introduces increased robustness and performance. It comes with a renewed Development Kit that is Arduino-header compatible. More information on this hardware update can be found here: Migration to MTi 1-series Hardware version 2.0.

MT Software Suite v4.9.1 beta

MT Software Suite version 4.9.1 provides full support for the new MTi 1-series, and includes a large range of bug fixes for the MTi 1-series. Additionally, new embedded examples for code development were added to the MT SDK, to be used with the new MTi 1-series Development Kit.

Release notes

The release notes for MT Software Suite 4.9.1 beta and the MTi 1-series v2 can be downloaded here.

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